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old journal [26 Jul 2006|12:01am]
mkay.so.i work at rocky moutain chocolate factory right?we sell chocolate and such right?one of the things we just HAPPEN to sell is cookies.why does everyone ask if we sell milk?why the deuce would we sell milk?is it rocky moutain milk and cookie factory.no but if it was,i wouldnt mind you asking.ok so myabe i would if its clearly in the title.i swear.people.this lady threw a hissy fit today because we dont sell milk.i cant wait to work in a cubicle.ill be the weird girl who doesnt talk to anyone but her fake ficus tree.and ill come home to my 6 cats.i would be content not dealing with people ever again.mm i cant wait
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[03 Dec 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

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[22 Nov 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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Rawr [19 Oct 2004|12:15am]
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Last public entry [06 Oct 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | Pissed off ]

Friends Only from now on.Because my journal isnt for other ppls fucking drama.So fuck you guys.
<3 katie

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what in gods name is going on in here? [22 Sep 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i had the crappiest morning ever.i woke up and the minute i did my mom started bitching at me.then i went to get in the shower and she was still bitching.so i slammed the bathroom door when she was in mid sentence.then said oops i thought you were done.then on the ride to school she was yelling at me and made me cry.then yelled at me for crying.i dont know why i cried.i think it was because it was too much shit happening in such a short amount of time and i couldnt handle it.so because of that incident the first half of the day was crap.plus i heard somone running their mouth about some i know to one of my best friends sonny.he doesnt give a shit about her problems.um anyway.larrys taken me and mom out to dinner tonight.and i hope he lets me clean out his console in his truck cause last time i did i got 60 dollars!anywho.chris wrote penis on my arm today....so i wrote vagina on his and our teacher saw it and laughed.it rocked.Urm... TO THE BATMOBILE!*runs off*

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aw someone shoot me in the face [19 Sep 2004|07:10pm]
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: you ain't gonna believe this
StairwayDenied06 [7:07 PM]: what?
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: remember that one night we talked for like 5 hours
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: on the phnoe
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: *phone
StairwayDenied06 [7:07 PM]: yeah
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: my mom just got the bill
shazbotian2000 [7:07 PM]: 80 fucking dollars that i just had to pay
StairwayDenied06 [7:08 PM]: holy shit
StairwayDenied06 [7:08 PM]: im so sorry
shazbotian2000 [7:08 PM]: it costs less to call to GERMANY than a tri-county area
shazbotian2000 [7:08 PM]: im not pissed off at anyone, it's my fault
shazbotian2000 [7:08 PM]: im just angry in general
StairwayDenied06 [7:08 PM]: well not all your fault
StairwayDenied06 [7:08 PM]: i was on the other end
shazbotian2000 [7:08 PM]: still
shazbotian2000 [7:09 PM]: i made the call, im responsible
shazbotian2000 [7:09 PM]: i just didn't know it was gonna be $80
StairwayDenied06 [7:09 PM]: me either
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if ya listenin,sing it back [19 Sep 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well.after this weekend and such.ive decided to adopt the edge.lindsay suggested it and asked if i wanted to do it with her and i said sure why not.then i thought more deeply into it.and realized its really something i need to do.not for anyone else but myself.to prove to myself im strong enough to live with stuff ppl in this town cant live without.i can live without all of it.i know i can.and having a close friend also being edge.it will give me extra strength and we can support each other.im looking forward to next weekend.*sigh* its raining.and im in a good mood.off to listen to music,love,katie

XLindsayXKatieXstaying strongX

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peanut butter m&ms [19 Sep 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | restless ]

god.what a weekend.went to chirssys b-day party last night.it was really fun.it wasnt a big obnoxious party either.it was 12 ppl tops.we rode bikes to her house since she lives like right down the road from my cousin in royal st.augustine.we swam,we smoked we drank we were all merry.i need to ride bikes more often when im high.its way to much fun.well now its another typical sunday.sitting around and trying to recover from the weekend.and since ive partyed all weekend i feel ...how you say.....like i got hit by a fucking semi truck?.yes thats right.i hate smoking pot.i dont wanna smoke it anymore its makes me stupid.and i always feel it the morning after.like right now.i cant function right.fuck you pot.i need a nap.i woke up at 9 thats to early.loveubye

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[18 Sep 2004|03:14pm]
hi my names katie and i dont feel like updating.i ate a brownie last night and the effects lasted all night so if i saw you at the show and didnt say hi...sorry.i was so fucking out of it.we walked like 500.2 miles.i need a shower.
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todays letter is M [16 Sep 2004|03:50pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

blah todays thursday and tomorrows friday.we have a pep rally.i was suppose to record it for the school news..but id rather do a diffrent story.rather than a pep rally.no one wants to see a package on that.I think i have to anchor soon.awesome.not.Anywho.i think im staying with my cousin tomorrow night.we're going to a show and such.Before we leave i think we're going to play this brilliant game.its checkers.and when you get jumped you take a shot..or was it when you jump the person.who cares.either way is fine.im not much of a drinker.my moms ordering pizza.um.i dont have anything else to say.ben drooled on my mouse in comp graphics and i slapped him in the face.then he told me to slap him harder.what a weirdo.well off i go to do laundry cause...i wore a lame tourist shirt my uncle bought me from tennesse today.and its not even the cool kind.


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me and my big brother.chips off the same block [12 Sep 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

tcdupont82 (10:22:21 PM): lets go to chat rooms and fuck with people
after_your_lucky_charms (10:22:37 PM): what kind of chatrooms
tcdupont82 (10:22:55 PM): no fucking clue
tcdupont82 (10:23:01 PM): pick something
after_your_lucky_charms (10:23:08 PM): pregnant teens
after_your_lucky_charms (10:23:09 PM): hahaha
after_your_lucky_charms (10:23:18 PM): go hit on them
tcdupont82 (10:23:29 PM): you know they put out
after_your_lucky_charms (10:24:04 PM): hah thats fucked up
tcdupont82 (10:24:19 PM): what?!?!?? its true
after_your_lucky_charms (10:25:01 PM): haha obviously..it has to be
tcdupont82 (10:25:31 PM): if they didn't they wouldn't be in that situation right
after_your_lucky_charms (10:25:40 PM): correct

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wheres my snack pack?! [11 Sep 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | creative ]

ok so i decided im not going to bitch about how much this week sucked wanker.ill discuss the only good night.which happens to be thursday. went to publix and harrasted daniel for 3 hours,then it was closing time and we had to leave but we waited for him in the parking lot.we bascially did his job.pushed around the wheely cart and count shit.it was fun.then we went to sonnys house and watched this hillarious porno.then went to dennys at 4 in the morning,then walmart at 5 to look at suplies.then went back to sonnys house and passed the fuck out.ok now friday.friday was good too.we woke up at like 130 then sat around and watched this trippy ass show on nick.then at 4 we stoped by my house so i could change and while sonny and fuckhead was in the car me and regina sneaked to my backporch and got high.then we went to meet daniel at about 6ish.and on the way their reginas like "sonny,are my eyes red?" and i almost died.i dont know why.but no one figured it out and we got away with being secretly high tehe.wait wait todays friday..so move what i said for thursday to wed.and for fri to thurs.ok problem solved.shut up.ok well then today i went to the orthodontist,then went to my g-parents house and slept forever then my mom came home and we went to see if our electricty was back on,on our way we saw 2 FPL trucks and screamed.then continued down the road and saw the line was still down,then we went home all sad and i opened the door and the fucking light was on..it took a second to sink in.then i pointed and me and my mom screamed again and jumped up and down.sweet fucking victory i tell ya.god its so good to be home,staying with grandparents is only cool for so long.well i think im going to go SLEEP IN MY OWN BED.yes.bye

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[10 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
i just got my FUCKING power back...ill update later tonight.i love you
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best of times with my mommmmma [04 Sep 2004|06:33pm]
me and mom were driving home from blockbuster and listened to oldies..the good kind.and a billy idol song came on "nice day for a white wedding" and we started trying to do the whole billy idol lip thing,its like elvis lip thing ,only a billy idol lip thing.but anyway,we started trying to do it and laughed so hard making ourselves look like asses.great fun.then shes like "look i can cross one eye" and did this retard face and i almost pissed my pants.then we started doing our night at the roxburry head banging.such a good time.larrys coming over later tonight to take us to look at the beach and such.maybe we'll go to panamal hatties...they have excellent mango margeritas.have a nice night ,love,katie
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whoa sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? [04 Sep 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

i wake up to damn early.i woke up at nine,and stayed up last night till 3 hoping it would cause me to sleep in late since i havnt been able to.wtf.what a waste.oh and the hurricane.....what a fucking joke seriously.please tell me...what the fuck are we going to do with 500 million gallons of water?!!!ok ok ok im done bitching about the storm.its cliche.my mom bought me chinese food,that was cool i guess.i need to take a shower.i need to do alot of things actually.have you ever wanted to tell someone something but couldnt no matter how hard you tried to pull yourself to do it,so you look for the perfect song with perfect lyrics that can speak for you but cant find one perfect enough.i just wanna scream.scream my feelings right in his face.but i cant.cause im a pussie.ill get over it.like everything else.i guess i should take a shower now.hey maybe ill take a bath in drinking water!!!! since we have enough to form a small lake!!! tehe...love,katie

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im holding your heart in my hands [03 Sep 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]

wow what a day.went to lunch with my momma.went to get movies,then went to target so i could purchase the newest atreyu album ive been wanting.sweet sweet ecstasy.so this hurricane is driving me fuckin crazy.do i worry? do i shrug it off? wtf.someone confirm something.fucking weatherman.*sigh* anticipation.whatev.someone talk to me...im fucking bored.

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since i replaced the i in live with an o i cant remember who you are [02 Sep 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

went to dinner with larry and mom.then went to the beach.it was nice.then went downtown for icecream.and everything was boarded up and closed.and like 6 ppl in total were down there.it was really eerie.so we ended up going to baskin robins,since kilwins let us down.it was shitty.my strawberry bannana smoothie taste like pure raw ass.metaphoriclly speaking ofcourse.this show is funny as hell.i forgot what its called..like father of the pride of something.from the creators of family guy."ill buy a gun off the internet and hire someone with thumbs to shoot me"hah.my mouth hurts due to the braces slicing the shit outta the inside of my mouth.oh well....ill get over it,im tired.bye

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[01 Sep 2004|05:16pm]
NO School for st.johns county schools friday yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah eat it beatches
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[01 Sep 2004|11:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

got mother effin braces.when my mom saw me smile shes like "awwww*tearyeyes* im gunna cry,your so cute"what a loser.i love her.larrys taking me and mom out to dinner tonight and its going to rock.im home from school today...and i wanna sleep allday i think.byeee <3

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